R. Scott Lemriel

R. Scott Lemriel is a direct experience based, hidden truth revealing researcher who has conducted very special direct-experience-based presentations at many domestic and international conferences, has written multiple critically-acclaimed books, has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, and has his own short feature film underway in development production based upon The Parallel Time Trilogy book and screenplay series, as well the developing full-length feature films projects based on them.

Over the years, Mr. Lemriel has built a devoted fan-following all over the world. His message of discovering deliberately hidden-truth about a far more ancient Earth involving benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials and what recently took place out in the galaxy among the vast majority who are kind that are now focused on benefiting all life on planet Earth is one that has inspired countless individuals – something which is reflected in their awakening recovery of ever so much they were made to forget without their current consent or awareness.

R. Scott Lemriel has lived an adventurous life to say the least. The brilliant author of The Seres Agenda book with a special techniques section at the back and The Emerald Doorway (book of The Parallel Time Trilogy book and screenplay series) has had countless encounters with benevolent (kind) extraterrestrials (many of them human beings), who recently underwent a consciousness expansion in a good way and they now have their own grand plans for our world to transform it in wondrous unexpected way for the first time in all galactic history. R. Scott Lemriel’s work is a unique anomaly – one that transcends the confines of our incorrectly perceived limiting physical barriers and that resonates with our true inner-self. Pick up his books and buckle up for a journey of enlightening self-discovery through direct experience-based recall, recovery of  true co-creative self-awareness, and the awakening of - True Freewill!